Here's To A Boring Year

Too much excitement just might kill me!

In the beginning

The last couple of years have been insane. I should have written about them, there would have been plenty to say!

Failed IVF followed by spontaneous conception followed by home water birth. An adorable baby who hardly slept, wanted to be carried all the time and demanded constant motion. Moving house. Baby being diagnosed with cancer two days before his first birthday. Surgery, chemo, retrenchment… remission after only 3 months!!

Frankly I could do with a bit of boredom in my life! And since I now have no job and a (cancer free!) baby who still often won’t sleep without me, I figure I have time to write occasionally. Hopefully about nothing of any interest! Which probably means no one will read it, but if that’s the price of mundanity, bring it on!

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This entry was posted on November 11, 2012 by in baby talk, cancer, missing eggs.


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