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Mastication Mortification

So the title may not be 100% relevant,  but it made me laugh. I’m sad like that. We have a problem with biting (not chewing).

Some nights in the half hour before bed, Monkey goes bananas (ha!). He chases the dogs around shrieking, or just runs around trying to bite everyone (Hubs and me) and everything (sofa, coffee table, the usual!). This hyperactivity seems to be a sign of tiredness and we generally head straight for bed.

Hubs and I are used to this and we’re both reasonably good at dodging the teeth, although Monkey is mighty fast and sometimes gets a mouthful. Nothing we’ve tried has stopped him from doing this – in his wound up state he thinks it is hilarious! And at 15 months there’s only so much we can do (no, I will never bite him back! Any other suggestions?).

But a couple of nights ago we had (childless) friends over and despite having taken 3 naps that day, Monkey went ape (omg I kill myself). When he couldn’t get his teeth into Hubs or me, the cheeky thing bit one of our guests!!

So embarrassing.

I promptly took him off to bed, where he proceeded to take an hour to fall asleep. I emerged just as our friends were leaving. So much for having some grown-up time!

Anyone have any ideas on preventing this? I guess I should have taken him to bed sooner. So far he has never bitten another child, and I really hope he grows out of it before he gets the chance! I don’t want to be that mother. You know, the one with the biter! Because you know how everyone feels about her!


5 comments on “Mastication Mortification

  1. manapan
    November 12, 2012

    My son is 16 months old and he’s a biter too. He usually only bites out of frustration, so we know when he starts throwing a fit that if his head dips down he’s about to sink his teeth in. I warn everyone about it as soon as I see him starting to get upset.

    He has started biting less now because we can predict when it’s going to happen so we can stop it in its tracks. Right before he bites we swoop him up, hold him out at arm’s length to prevent the bite, and yell “NO BITING!” The loud noise gets his attention off the intention to bite. Then we can bring him in closer and talk to him. I usually say something like, “Talk to me, sweetie. I know you’re upset for X/Y/Z reason, but it’s not okay to bite people. Remember? It was good that you stopped before you bit me. It’s time to calm down now. Do you want a hug? [hug] Okay, now let’s go do something different. Do you want to read a book together?”

    • boringyear
      November 12, 2012

      I love your response! Especially the hug. That would get me bitten for sure. I have to carry Monkey to bed face out to avoid teeth marks in my shoulders!

      Its nice to know we’re not the only ones dealing with this, and interesting to see that there are different triggers for the behaviour. I hope this phase passes quickly!!

  2. chrysta
    July 30, 2013

    I pretended to cry when my one got really serious into biting.and some of the bites were vicious,they deserved real tears 🙂 she`s normaly stop look at me and start patting my back to make it beter.i told her that it`s ok but she really is hurting mummy and give her hugs.eventually the love for mummy overruled the fun/need? of biting

    • boringyear
      July 30, 2013

      I tried that a few times. He thought it was funny! Cheeky Monkey.

      • chrysta
        July 30, 2013

        we had some bad times in my family so she saw my mum crying for real a couple of i guess in her little head the connection is made even if its physical pain or heartbreak.or maybe im just lucky.honestly i just wing it. :))))

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