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Wet Nappies Are The Devil

Its 7:30pm, and Monkey has woken up already – I only left him half an hour ago after nursing him down for the night.

He’s done this most of his life, although since around 14 months he’s slowly started getting better.

The thing is, the kid will not, and never has, slept with a wet nappy. I think our record is 7 changes in one night. A night for Monkey is usually about 12 hours, so all those changes plus the before and after nursing equals bugger all sleep for me. I amaze myself how little sleep I actually seem to need – and thank goodness for co-sleeping!

On one hand I really can’t blame the little guy – I wouldn’t want to sleep with my pants full of wee either. But sometimes I really wish he would!!

I’ve tried everything I can think of. We usually use cloth – so I tried disposables. Numerous brands. The only difference with those is I find it harder to tell when they’re wet. Monkey can still tell – or else he knows that he just peed. I tried double cloth for more absorbency – nope. Just twice as much washing! Micro fleece liners that are meant to help baby feel dry? I made them as big as the nappy so that no damp patch would touch him – still didn’t work!!

We’ve always used elimination communication a bit, and for a fair while when he was younger I could potty him during the night after he’d had a feed – he would just pee without even opening his eyes, which was totally hilarious! He even had a few nights where he stayed dry until morning. But then he started getting very upset by the nocturnal pottying, I guess because he really wanted to be asleep, so that doesn’t work any more.

Now he mostly seems to wake because his nappy is already wet, less because he’s hungry. But he still wants to nurse before and after a change.

We’ve had a couple of nights recently where he’s done 6 hour stretches, and he is slowly sloooowly growing out of his habit of waking every hour which he’s done most of his life. But I doubt he will stop waking at night until he stops wetting at night, and I expect that will be a while!!

Is there anything I’ve missed in the dry-bum arena? How do you help your little one stay comfortable at night?


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