Here's To A Boring Year

Too much excitement just might kill me!

My Auntie is missing and I want her back!

When Monkey’s cancer was diagnosed we put all thought of trying for a second baby on hold. We thought the best case scenario would be 8 rounds of chemo followed by surgery – about 6 months of treatment. We decided to wait until after his operation, which would have put him at about 18 months – and scientifically the best time to try is 18-24 months postpartum anyway.

But then after only 4 rounds of chemo, Monkey’s cancer was in remission (happiest happy dance ever!). So now we’re thinking that it took so long to conceive last time that we may as well get busy now.

But my period is still MIA. Which makes the whole conceiving thing pretty unlikely.

And I don’t know why she’s missing. She’s a tricksy lady.

Monkey still breastfeeds on demand, which amounts to approximately a million times a night. So it could very well be that. Apparently on average women who breastfeed on demand get their periods back around 14 months postpartum, but I know some have to wean entirely to get their cycles back.

But even before I had Monkey, old Flo was totally unreliable thanks to my good friend PCOS. I rarely had a period without medication.

Being pregnant, having a super high maintenance child and no longer working a full time desk job has meant I now weigh somewhat less than before I conceived. Which is often touted as a magic cure for PCOS irregularities, although I have my doubts on that one given that my baby sister has always been thin and her PCOS is worse than mine.

So we’re not actively preventing anymore, but odds of anything happening are pretty slim at this point. I’m thinking of asking my GP if there’s a blood test (for prolactin maybe?) that could tell us if its the breastfeeding that’s causing the amenorrhoea.

I have no interest in weaning Monkey just yet, he’s still much too dependent on the breast and I’m much too lazy to deal with his incessant night wakings without the magic of boobs.

But I’d like to at least know if its that or just my special brand of infertile awesome.

Never thought I’d actually want to get my period! But there it is.


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This entry was posted on November 15, 2012 by in baby talk, missing eggs.
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