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Party like it’s nap time

For about the last week, Monkey has been treating nap time like its spring break. Not that we really have that here, but the similie seems fitting.

He’ll be happily pottering around picking up tiny rocks or emptying the sandpit one scoop at a time – you know, the usual toddler things. As nap time approaches, he starts to get a little crotchety. He wants to be carried around instead of walking on his own – and he’s been full on walking for over 6 months so that’s just plain lazy. Maybe he’ll rub his eyes a time or two.

So I begin the descent into nap time madness.

First with a nappy change, which may or may not be accompanied by Monkey screaming bloody murder and writhing around like Tazzie Devil.

Then we go into the bedroom, sing Twinkle Twinkle and lie down to nurse. At first, he’ll nurse peacefully. And I’ll think “Awesome! He’ll be asleep in no time”. His eyes roll languorously back in his head and his eyelids grow heavy.

Then BAM! he’ll unlatch, and start climbing all over me like a jungle gym. He’ll sit up in bed and grab my hand to make me poke myself in the bellybutton or tickle his feet and giggle like a maniac. He’ll lie down and point at the fan, and tell himself a story about it while waving his arms around and chewing on his toes. He’ll pull his books down and start flipping through them.

And then he’ll decide he wants the boob back. So I lie him down next to me and he latches back on. His eyes roll. He sings himself a song around his mouthful. He decides he wants to nurse on the other side (not from the other breast, but lying on the opposite side of me) so he clambers over me and resumes the position. His eyes go glassy and close for a moment. I think “Oh, he’s going to fall asleep this time for sure!”.

But of course Monkey is just messing with me. Instead, he tries to roll over while keeping hold of my nipple. I have huge breasts, but there is no escaping the fact that this just doesn’t work. So he let’s go, and does a bit of Downward Dog instead. Then he plays with his Twilight Turtle (unrelated to sparkly vampires).

By this time we have been in bed so long that his nappy is wet again. So I change him, because no matter how tired he is Monkey will not sleep with wet pants. This is of course totally hilarious and perks him right back up.

So I lie there quietly and blog on my phone while dodging flying limbs and heads (head?), and Monkey rolls around and kicks his feet on the wall. He drapes himself backwards over my stomach to look at the world upside down.

And then suddenly there are tears because OMG so tired. Him, not me, although I have considered it on a number of occasions. Then he lies down, snuggles up, latches on, and is out for the count within 2 minutes.

What the hell?

I admit I find this equal parts frustrating and totally adorable. I would consider leaving him to roll around on his own, but we’re renovating and at the moment his room is 100% NOT child safe. Maybe in a few weeks that will be an option.

Luckily, he’s the only Monkey around at the moment, so I can stay with him as long as it takes. And its a nice break from chasing him around the house – at least I get to laze around in bed!!

And everyone knows all the best parties happen in the bedroom…


One comment on “Party like it’s nap time

  1. glumbunny
    November 20, 2012

    I’m so glad you don’t mind this. Because me…? I’d RIP MY FACE OFF. But I do also see the charm. Cuddle time! Sounds awfully sweet.

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