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Going out with a bang

Monkey has been admitted to hospital again.

Not content to wait until Friday morning for a quiet day procedure to remove his infuser port, he decided to spike a fever this afternoon so that we can spend a couple of bonus days hanging out with all the nurses.

It’s tonsillitis.

Normally not such a big deal, except when you have a device implanted in your body. Because his port is still in place, Monkey will get IV antibiotics now until his surgery on Friday morning. Then depending on the results of his blood cultures he might have to stay another 48 hours for more antibiotics.

Poor kid has such a sore throat. He was obviously hungry at dinner, and kept signing ‘eat’, but he couldn’t swallow anything because it hurt too much. We’ve all been there – it’s no fun!

I hate sleeping in the hospital. It’s not just that the single bed is so cramped compared to the king we share at home. It’s the light – it’s never very dark in here. And the noise! Nurses chatting, IV pumps chugging and beeping, call bells that ping like the sonar in a submarine, the sound of children retching and screaming… I had thought that my days of sleepless hospital nights were over! If you’ve never slept in a hospital, you just can’t grasp how unrestful it really is. I know I didn’t, back in the day when hospital wasn’t my second home.

Fingers crossed all goes well. The antibiotics should have my little Monkey feeling better by tomorrow, and hopefully his surgery still goes ahead as planned. I can’t wait to get this port out of him! Without it, tonsillitis will just be a trip to our regular GP like it is for most other kids.

Send fairy dust!


One comment on “Going out with a bang

  1. glumbunny
    November 21, 2012

    Gallons or buckets or big sacks or whatever of fairy dust headed your way. I was thinking that watching your child suffer is probably the hardest thing on earth, and boy have you done plenty of it. I hope you get paid for it in karmic gold, and that M. does brilliantly.

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