Here's To A Boring Year

Too much excitement just might kill me!

In pursuit of bellybuttons

Monkey has always loved to poke his little fingers into holes. I don’t know why. Toys are boring, but give him a piece of cardboard with a hole in it and you’ve got entertainment for at least two minutes. Then one evening during story time, he noticed the funny hole on Hubs’ tummy, and when he poked it Hubs’ reaction was priceless. And so the obsession began.

I remember Monkey’s cousin being fascinated by bellybuttons when she was little too. What is it about the first scar we all get that is so appealing?

For a while, Monkey was only interested in Hubs’ bellybutton. Probably because of how he reacted the first time – I would pay money to see that! Monkey would lift up Hubs’ shirt and go hunting, poking him over and over and cackling uproariously. Poor Hubs suffered with a sore bellybutton for days afterwards from the enthusiasm of the poking.

Then one day Monkey realised that I have a bellybutton too. Jackpot!! More free entertainment. He will lift up one of our shirts to check that the bellybutton is still there, and then he will demand the other person show him their bellybutton too. He’s seen Grandpa’s bellybutton, and Unca’s, but Grandma told him she doesn’t have one. I’m not sure he was convinced.

These days Monkey thinks its more amusing to make me poke my bellybutton myself. He’ll grab my finger and shove it into my tummy with the biggest, cheekiest grin. On occasion, if he’s close by, Hubs may be enlisted to be the bellybutton poker instead. Poking by proxy.

Just recently, Monkey has discovered his own bellybutton! It’s hard for him to see, since the cloth nappies we use crunch into his tummy and hide his bellybutton when he bends forward to look for it. But sometimes he finds it, and giggles at it. Sometimes he will pull at his clothes or try to look down his own shirt to investigate. I find this highly amusing, but I couldn’t say why.

What do you think it is that makes bellybuttons so appealing? Have your kids gone through this obsession too?


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This entry was posted on November 22, 2012 by in baby talk.
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