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The uniform of the SAHM

I’ve never been very fashionable. Mostly because I’m just too lazy to care. But since I went on maternity leave and then had a baby, it’s worse. I’m sure this surprises no one.

Like any new Mum, at first there were days when I didn’t even make it out of my pajamas. Luckily Monkey is a winter baby, so I was wearing pajamas to bed, otherwise I may have just stayed naked all day.

But now that I have enough mummy mojo to put on fresh clothes every morning (even though it sometimes still takes a while before I can brush my hair), I’ve still dressed up barely a handful of times in the last 16 months. Always for special occasions, someone’s birthday or our anniversary. Otherwise, its been a perpetual weekend as far as my closet is concerned.

There are of course slight variations depending on the weather, but on any given day I can pretty much be guaranteed to be wearing jeans, my now very well worn nursing bra, a singlet, and bare feet (or ugg boots if it’s cold).

I’ve even committed the sin of all sins against the fashion gods and gone shopping in my ugg boots, because I’ve forgotten I was even wearing them until I left the house. I can’t decide if that’s better or worse than when I went out in mismatched thongs because I couldn’t find a matching pair in the box of shoes.


I'm not even kidding...

I recently tried wearing one of my under wire bras from Before Monkey (I nearly abbreviated that to BM… LOL). Clearly when I wore them all the time I must have had massive calluses under my boobs or something because holy chocolate that thing was uncomfortable!

And I’ve even downgraded from $9 singlets to $4 ones. Budget cuts, you know. Actually it’s mainly because the $9 ones get tangled in the wash and the straps start coming off after about 2 wears and I have better things to do with my (non-existent) spare time than fix them! Can anyone say design flaw?

So tell me – did your day to day wardrobe change when you had a baby? Besides the obvious additions of poop, spew and food smears I mean.


2 comments on “The uniform of the SAHM

  1. glumbunny
    December 7, 2012

    Oh CLOTHING. How I hate it. Pre babies, I had work clothes, mainly adorable little dresses. I hadn’t worn jeans in 15 years. Post babies? Jeans, stained t-shirts (how do they get INSTANTLY STAINED? Like, the moment I put one on, there’s a weird stain on the front!), ratty cardigans. Now I’m facing going back to work and there’s the added kink that my work clothes are not pumping friendly. But I think rather than get new ones, I’ll just take everything off, and really hope no-one busts into my office.

    I always look and feel like crap. I wish there were some magical outfit that stayed smart looking no matter how many washes, was stain proof, and made me look young and hip.

    Here, people wear ugg boots outside ON PURPOSE. So I guess your mismatched thongs win.

    • glumbunny
      December 7, 2012

      Oh, and I forgot the most crucial property of my magic outfit–COMFORTABLE when groveling on the floor with tons of babies.

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