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Getting on the Advent train

At the beginning of December, I posted about my snap decision to do an Advent calendar for Monkey this year. Since he’s only 16 months old I didn’t think that he would be into it.

Boy was I wrong!

It took two days of opening the little train doors before he started pointing at the train, wanting to see what was inside. The first two days were only little slips of paper with Christmas activities on them – by coincidence the third day it was chocolate, and that sealed the deal!

Now every day he points at the train. I tell him that he has to wait for Daddy to get home, and as soon as Hubs walks in the door he gets dragged straight over to see what’s behind the next door.

I’m not convinced Monkey gets the connection between the slips of paper and the activities that come after them – I think he just loves opening the little doors. Some of the activities haven’t gone over as well as I expected – I thought he would love going out for ice cream, but he ate cheese crackers instead.

The Christmas-themed bath was a bit hit and miss – at first he didn’t want to sit down because the rosemary “tree branches” freaked him out (I guess it was a bit like seaweed? I hate seaweed *shudder*). Then the alfoil “baubles” had to be confiscated because he decided to eat them!

The best activity so far has been one I found on Small Potatoes – snow (bubbles)!! I put ours in a laundry basket. Monkey is obsessed with bubbles so he had a ball with this.




I’m starting to run out of activities though! There are plenty I can think of that will be great when he gets a bit older, but he’s not into crafts and things like that yet. I suspect there will be a lot more food-related things as we head towards Christmas!

2 comments on “Getting on the Advent train

  1. glumbunny
    December 13, 2012

    Oh man, this is great. I bet he’s going to love hearing about the things you did before he could remember. And some will become traditions he’ll want to do year after year, and then some day he’ll get to put some in for you and and and…

    • boringyear
      December 14, 2012

      I know! I love a good family tradition. I hope this becomes something special for Monkey that he remembers fondly when he’s all grown up!

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