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Entertaining a toddler, the lazy way

Monkey is a little bundle of nonstop bouncing off the walls energy. The only times he is motionless are when he is sleeping or otherwise restrained (see car seat, babywearing). This is adorable, and some days utterly exhausting. He is prone to racing out of the room immediately after I’ve sat down, or instructing me to lie on the floor with him so that he can jump up and make a break for it.

Sometimes all I want to do is sit still for a few minutes and read/write something. But I’m not a fan of much television for kids, and Monkey isn’t much of a fan yet either.

My solution? Take him out to the car and let him investigate. He loves to turn the hazard lights on and off, twiddle the dials, open the glove box, practise buckling his seatbelt, and check himself out in the mirror.


It’s a small, confined space, so there’s nowhere to run. I can supervise directly from the front seat (passenger side so Monkey can access that most important feature, the steering wheel!). As long as I pay enough attention to stop him trying to pull the wiper stalk off or post coins into the CD player, we’re golden.

And as an added bonus, when he gets hungry he helps me clean up the car by eating the leftover bits of cracker etc from the back seat. Yum!

Granted there are a few drawbacks as well, but they’re definitely worth the bum-on-seat time. Shrieks of delight are considerably amplified in the confines of the car – next time I may wear earplugs to protect my hearing. Also, it is imperative that you check the car before finishing up – for the love of chocolate, make sure the headlights are off!

Naturally, one must try not to use this method too often – it is for emergencies only, otherwise the novelty wears off.

Do you have a secret weapon for when you’re desperate to sit still for a few minutes?


2 comments on “Entertaining a toddler, the lazy way

  1. glumbunny
    February 4, 2013

    What a great idea! I confess that Bun Bun is a book child, so I get a fair but of on my bum time. But my mother bought us a play tunnel right before Bunlet was born, in case of desperate times, so when she’s really amped up and I can’t take it, out comes the play tunnel. I bet Monkey would be like “Eh! That’s barely worthy of notice!”

    • boringyear
      February 4, 2013

      Monkey has little to no interest in books, to my great disappointment! He has no interest in Duplo or blocks or his train set either though – I’m putting it down to not being old enough yet, and crossing my fingers the book loving will come!

      Monkey’s cousins have one of those tunnels – the first time he saw it he went through 3 times, but now it’s old hat!

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