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Soda Water Scones

Since Bunny asked for a quick bread-ish recipe to accompany a delicious sounding soup, I thought I’d share my scone recipe. (I think scones are what Americans call biscuits? If not – what are biscuits? That’s what we call cookies…)

This recipe is super quick, super easy and very versatile. Serve them warm with jam and whipped cream, or in the case of a soup accompaniment, add grated cheese and chives, or any other savory combinations you like and serve slathered in butter.

The recipe originally used lemonade instead of soda water but I didn’t like the flavor it added. There are a lot of variations on lemonade scones though, including some that add egg, so I’m sure you could up the protein content that way if desired.

Now for the base recipe!

Soda Water Scones
1 cup soda water
1 cup cream
3 cups self raising flour.

Mix everything together – it will be fairly soft/sticky. Knead lightly and press to about 2cm thickness. Cut rounds and bake in a 220C oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden.

Honestly, that’s it! No rubbing of butter or any of that time consuming nonsense. Try this recipe – you’ll never go back!


6 comments on “Soda Water Scones

  1. bionicbrooklynite
    March 23, 2013

    The all-knowing They say your scones are our biscuits, but as something of a biscuit aficionado, I think the relationship is less precise. Your scones are certainly far more like our biscuits than your biscuits are, but there seem to be some distinctions. For one, commonwealth folks are always asking about whether I eat my biscuits with, for example, cream and jam. And…no. With the rare exception of strawberry shortcake (for which I’d expect a different kind of biscuit, really), I wouldn’t dream of eating a biscuit as such a dessert-y item. I think of biscuits as an almost exclusively savory food, best eaten with ham or chicken or the like. Perhaps honey or jam with breakfast if it comes to that, but I’d rather have sausage.

    Meanwhile, the question arises, what are our scones to you? They are also a quick bread, but very different. An. Englishwoman of my acquaintance suggested rock cakes, but then she had such unkind things to say about those that I must assume they aren’t quite the same, as most people like our scones.

    I shall have to try yours sometime and see. I am quite taken aback by the idea of an egg in a biscuit recipe. A typical recipe for me is flour/leavening (I like soda, but powder is more common)/ butter/ buttermilk.

    • boringyear
      March 23, 2013

      Maybe you could offer up recipes for your biscuits and scones, and we could do a comparison cook-off! Solve the mystery once and for all…

  2. glumbunny
    March 30, 2013

    I was going to say! We have scones too, so THERE. Thank you for the recipe! Sounds magnificent.

  3. pepibebe
    April 7, 2013

    Hi there, I just found your blog after you liked or commented on a post on my makinglovewithfood blog (I have two as I keep the pepibebe TTC one private). So I thought if write and say hi. Plus I also wanted to add that for your US readers, by lemonade, you means a can of something like Sprite. US lemonade is yummy old fashioned lemonade with no fizz. I had a funny experience in a US bar with a workmate who wanted a shandy, they didn’t know what it was, she explained half beer, half lemonade, they looked funny at her then poured her part beer and part old fashioned lemonade. Yuck!
    Anyway, hope you’ll stop by both my blogs if you have time, and I’m off to find the follow button on yours.

  4. pepibebe
    April 7, 2013

    Weird, I thought I left a comment, oh maybe it went to moderation? I hope so as I just came back to say that I’m a doofus, and of course you already know both my blogs lol. (That will make sense if you read the other comment!) I can’t even blame baby brain! It seems that I just hadn’t been to visit your blog before. Sorry about that. Remedied (and followed) now.
    Feel free to post it even though it makes me look a bit silly, as I think the lemonade information is possibly useful if your US readers decided to experiment with your recipe!

    • boringyear
      April 8, 2013

      Lol no problem! I agree that information about the lemonade is useful – I didn’t know that one! Thanks for helping to clarify it for me.

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