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Photo finish

Since Monkey was born, we have taken literally thousands of photos of him. So many that our digital camera had to create a new folder and start numbering from zero all over again. Yes, I am that mother. And I don’t regret it for a moment!

Granted 9 out of 10 photos are blurry –  either from my crummy photography, or motion blur from the fact that Monkey is never ever stationary – but still, it’s a lot of photos. And somehow through a combination of no time and an I’ll placed sense of nostalgia, I’ve kept them all.



Only now, the number of photos has dropped off dramatically. Whenever I get out the camera, be it our big fancy one or my phone, Monkey comes barrelling over to take a look. I have a lot of photos of the corner of his face, because he’s so quick that by the time I take a shot he’s got his face pressed up against the lens.



I’m hopeful that one day he’ll get bored of the camera, or at least pose first before coming to inspect the results!

But until then, there’s going to be a part of his life that is (by comparison) sadly lacking in photo documentation.

(This fascination rears its head whenever my phone comes out, which makes not only photography but also blogging and emails and even phone calls very difficult!)


3 comments on “Photo finish

  1. Mina
    April 2, 2013

    George did the same. It is still very hard to take a decent photo of him. But easier than after he turned one.
    We got him a cheap digital camera about a year ago, I think, and since he is very techie, he learned quickly how to take photos himself, and he is still quite taken with it. Most pictures are of himself upside down, my décolletage and hubs’ chin (during nappy chnaging), us on the loo (at a certain point it was either that or holding him, so there are loads of loo pictures:-)), us taking pictures of him, various parts of household appliances (usually buttons) and pictures of his brother. I intend to make a photo book with his ‘work’. Most of them are blurry, but some are quite good. Best investment in a cheap camera we ever could have thought of. 🙂

  2. Gemini Momma
    April 2, 2013

    Ha! It’s all just a blur. 😉 We can’t get many decent pics of the girls these days either. Too speedy these little ones!

  3. glumbunny
    April 2, 2013

    Yep, we’re in the blur phase too, and it captures the experience pretty accurately.

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