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Little addict?

I’ve written before about giving Monkey pain medications at home for basic things like teething. But this continues to take up much needed space in my brain, so I’m about to spew it all over my blog in a bid to get rid of it!

He’s been having quite a lot of medicine recently, and this is something of a point of contention between Hubs and me (and if I’m honest, also between me and me!). Monkey can communicate fairly well now even without words, and tonight he asked for medicine before going to bed. Some nights when I’ve asked if he wanted something for his teeth, he has said no. Last night he went to bed without it – I didn’t offer and he didn’t ask, but he was up from 10:30pm until about 12:30am, waking and resettling over and over, and only stayed asleep once I gave him some ibuprofen.

But I worry that he is having medicine very frequently. I’m not sure if it is habit (Hubs has wondered if it’s just become part of his bedtime routine), if he simply likes the flavor, or if something is genuinely hurting him. Of course my main fear is that his cancer is relapsing and causing him pain – but that is somewhat baseless since his cancer only ever hurt him while he was bloated from gastro at diagnosis. The other possibility, especially at his age, is of course his 2 year old molars – but getting a finger in there to check is impossible!

He seems to go through stages where he might have one dose a day for a week or two, and then he won’t have any again for a while. If he wanted it for the taste, surely he would never say no when offered, and would ask more often? Also tonight he wanted to have ibuprofen but I told him he could have paracetamol and that would help too, and he thought about it and then took the paracetamol anyway. So that makes me wonder about the yummy factor.

And last night he went to bed just fine without anything, so I also wonder about it being a habit. Some days he’s had his hand wrist-deep in his mouth so we think teething for sure, but today he wasn’t making any indications at all.

I keep hoping that one day Monkey will open his mouth and there will be four new molars peeking through, just so that I don’t have to feel guilty for medicating him unnecessarily. This whole business of being responsible for another person’s life is no joke!

Where do you draw the line with medicating a toddler? What if he really is in pain and I think he’s just taking it out of habit? I can’t know how he’s feeling, and he relies on me to help him feel better. Is it worse to give him medicine he doesn’t need, or refuse him medicine that he does need? Help!


4 comments on “Little addict?

  1. Mina
    April 19, 2013

    George asks for ibuprofen, and I do believe it is a combination of taste and ritual, before going to bed, for him. And so now I only give it to him when he has high fever. He is drooling like crazy now again, and I have noticed the 3rd 2year molar broke the gum sometimes this week. Without him behaving or saying he was in pain. Stevie on the other hand cannot sleep without ibuprofen when he starts chewing his fist.

  2. homebrewedbaby
    April 23, 2013

    i did NOT know about the 2 year old molars and now my own 2 year olds’ behavior suddenly makes so.much.sense! I kept telling my husband “i swear they’re teething” – but i did not know that was actually probably true. thank you!

    i know what you mean about questioning the medication, i’ve had the same back-and-forth with myself before. i finally decided that if what “they” say about eating is true (my kids will eat when they’re hungry, drink when they’re thirsty, and won’t if they’re not), then the same is probably true for the medication: i don’t think they’d take it if they don’t need it. I also, of course, do the typical “risk/reward” game. I don’t offer it to them if i don’t think there’s a genuine need for it like irritability or crying beyond the usual time or amount. And if 20 minutes later, they’re better for the first time, i guess that’s good evidence that something was wrong! The tricky part is always when you’re not sure there’s good reason… but since that’s the rarer event, i don’t think there’s a lot of potential harm, and so i try not to worry about it too much.

    It sounds like you’re doing a great job identifying his needs and helping him feel better. I don’t think you should worry too much about an ibuprofen crutch yet 😉

    • boringyear
      April 24, 2013

      Glad I could help! I believe they also get another set of molars around 6-7 years but one would hope that by then they can tell you about it!

      Interesting point correlating medicine with food and drink – I never thought of it like that before but it makes sense.

      Monkey has since come off his medicine jag again. He always lasts just long enough that we start to wonder about it!

  3. glumbunny
    April 24, 2013

    In the beginning I was pretty hard core about avoiding meds, now I’ve been known to give them out just in the HOPE that they will shut my screamy baby up. It’s funny we worry about it at all. Maybe your pediatrician could reassure you that you are not in any danger of creating a Tylenol junkie?

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