Here's To A Boring Year

Too much excitement just might kill me!

I got it did!

My hair, that is! And about time too.

I went to our local salon – just a short walk from home. I like to support local businesses when I can, and you can’t beat that for convenience. Fortunately, they were also great. It’s always a bit hit and miss finding a new hairdresser!

And now – the proof!



The waves are from wearing it in a plait about 23.9 hours a day, to stop Monkey pulling it out and generally just keep it out of the way.

Also – you can’t tell from the photos but that mustard yellow singlet is a brand new $9 purchase from Target, and so not my colour. What was I thinking??

Then, an hour and a half and $68 later…



I’m really happy with it. They cut layers into it (which I’ve never had before) – it’s taken some of the weight out but kept most of the length. And it will never look that good again, because I have neither the time, inclination or physical capability to blow wave my own hair.

It was nice to sit still for over an hour, but I had to laugh when the hairdresser asked me about my daily hair routine. Most days I manage to brush it and re-plait it, and once a week I wash it with cheap supermarket product… and that’s the extent of it.

They recommend going back every 6 weeks for a trim. Ha! It might be nice, but at $68 a pop, that’s not going to happen. Maybe I’ll try to go twice a year though instead of once every two years. And also – they offer free fringe trims! So I can stop doing it myself, if I just take a short walk down the road. Even Monkey should be able to tolerate a 5 minute fringe trim.

I’ll have to see how it wears over the next few weeks. But at least for now I don’t sit on it every time I sit down.


4 comments on “I got it did!

  1. glumbunny
    April 20, 2013

    Wow, your hair is amaaaaaaaaazing, both before and after! And I actually rather like the singlet. It’s bold.

    The new do looks absolutely gorgeous. It does make me wonder what a professional could do with my dried out, ratty locks. Make ’em look better for an afternoon is about it, I bet.

    I’m glad you took some time for yourself.

    • boringyear
      April 22, 2013

      Thanks 🙂

      I like the colour of that singlet – but not on me! With my skin tone it just seems to make me look ill.

  2. Mina
    April 23, 2013

    Well done! It looks gorgeous. Wouldn’t a ballerina bun take care of the waving?
    I used to do that, with various degree of success, since my hair is as straight as hair can be, and the ends would always stick out like toothpicks from this wavy mane. But yours seems to be more cooperant.

    • boringyear
      April 23, 2013

      My hair is very thick and heavy so wearing it in a bun for any length of time tends to give me headaches.

      That said, on an odd occasion it’s a brilliant solution! Actually achievable, rather than trying to blow wave it.

      Thank you! I will definitely try that.

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