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Sadly proud

On Monday I bought Monkey his first pair of gumboots. He loved them, and sat down right in front of the cashier to put them on as soon as we’d paid for them. I had him go sit on a seat at the front of the store to put them on, so we’d be out of the way – but once they were on, he insisted on going back to show the cashier, who promptly gave him a high five!

In fact he loved them so much that he wore them to the hospital yesterday for his MRI.

As usual his scan was under general anaesthetic, and so he had to fast from 2am. Being that he’s still a cosleeping boobie-monster, this is a challenge for us. He woke up at 4:30am. He was understandably pissed that he couldn’t nurse, but he was quite content for me to bounce with him on the exercise ball. And sing. And pat his bum. (All three were required simultaneously). He would seem to fall asleep snuggled up against me (adorable) but really he was just faking me out. Any time I tried to put him down, or even just stopped singing/patting/bouncing, he would sit quietly for a couple of minutes and then insist I continue. So we bounced until it was time to get up at 6am. It was both sucky and nice, and I figured it was the least I could do for him. It was better than the time we were in the hospital and he woke up at 3:45am – at least this time I could stay sitting in a dark room with my eyes closed!

So at 6am we got up and began the whirlwind rush to get ready. (Note to self – when the kid gets bigger, stronger and more independent, getting ready takes longer!). I chucked Monkey into his metal-free clothes, stuffed a secret bag of food into my backpack, and sculled my preprepared lukewarm coffee (bad idea) while Monkey was giving his Daddy a cuddle. Then we jumped in the car for our 7am admission.

When we got to the doors of the imaging department, he pointed inside and made his fishy face (opening and closing his mouth). He remembered that they have a fish tank in the waiting room! I was surprised – it’s 3 months since we were last there.

Monkey was great as the nurse did her admission checks – weight, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature. He watched with interest as she put Emla on his hands and wrapped them up like he was a little boxer. He climbed on and off the weighing chair as I answered her questions (No allergies. Not on any medication. No, he’s not pregnant.).

Then when she said we could go, he raced off down the corridor back to the waiting room to play with the big fire engine. He only tried to pull the wrappings off his hands a couple of times before he gave up.


For some reason we were the only ones there until 8am. Every other time it has been packed, and other kids make a good distraction. Even so, Monkey was quite happy playing. He asked a couple of times for food (he clacks his teeth together) but he wasn’t fussed when I told him he would have to wait.


When we got into the MRI waiting room (where you get to go just before your procedure) they had some new toys. Previously there’s been nothing much in there, just some old books and a car garage with no cars. But this time – a toy toolbox! Monkey loved it and immediately set to work mending the hospital.


Right before they were ready for him he upended the whole thing all over the floor. He didn’t want to relinquish his screwdrivers, so the anaesthetist said he could take them with him.

For about a week I’d been telling Monkey about how the doctor would put a mask on his face and he would take big breaths and then go to sleep, and it seemed to work. When the time came, I held Monkey in one arm and put the mask on his face with the other, and although he looked a little uncertain, he was so great and just went off to sleep without a peep. With a screwdriver clutched in each hand.

Having finally learned my lesson about drinking coffee while waiting for his scan, I instead made do with a double espresso – my first ever – from the hospital cafeteria. It was revolting. But being up since 4:30 I needed the caffeine, and it worked in that I didn’t need to pee while we were in recovery! So I’ll probably have one next time too.

He came out of his anaesthetic right as rain, like he usually does. They came to get me just as he was waking up, and as I walked in he was just lying there looking around. When he saw me he reached up his arms so I could pick him up, and we went and nursed for a bit in one of the recliners. But this time that wasn’t enough – when we asked him if he wanted a drink of water or juice he very emphatically wanted juice. I had to stop him from sculling it too fast and making himself sick!

The nurses also asked if he was hungry, which he said he was. They didn’t want me to give him any of the food I’d brought so soon after he woke up – instead they gave him an icy pole! He loved it, and was soon off my lap playing with the toys on the floor.


As usual, all the nurses loved my little guy. They remarked how well he handles everything, how quickly he recovers from anaesthesia and how generally adorable he is.

And to top it off, this time Monkey didn’t even cry on the car ride home. Win! He did however assume that an 8:30am – 9:30am anaesthetic nap counted as his nap for the day, and refused to sleep for the rest of the day. He in a great mood though, even right before bed, and then went straight to sleep.

I am so, so proud of my little guy. He did amazingly well, and I’m very grateful that he doesn’t find these procedures distressing. I’m also sad that this is something that he has had to become so used to.

Now begins the dreaded wait for the results. One week and counting!


3 comments on “Sadly proud

  1. Mina
    April 24, 2013

    I can understand how you feel proud and sad. He is your baby, and he had and has still to put up with so much stupid stuff he so should not have to. Hoping for the best of news to come in a week.

  2. Gemini Momma
    April 26, 2013

    “No allergies,… no he’s not pregnant.” *snort* I appreciate your sense of humor in the middle of what must be a nerve-wracking time. The results will be good. They just have to be.

  3. glumbunny
    April 26, 2013

    Oh Monkey, you are such an amazing person! I can only imagine what a relief it is to have this ordeal go smoothly. Too bad it’s followed by a waiting ordeal. I wish you could know instantly, particularly since it HAS to be good news. It just HAS to, right?

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