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Internets, what would you do?

Hubs is changing jobs, and has two weeks holiday in between. Genius that I am, I took the opportunity to make an appointment with our fertility clinic, baby-free. Because there’s nothing more boring for Monkey than a doctor’s waiting room!

But my genius failed me… I forgot to take my book, thus missing a prime opportunity for a few minutes uninterrupted reading time. Oh the shame!

This was basically just to touch base with our clinic and discuss options, not the beginning of any treatment (yet). We have 3 frozen embryos from the IVF cycle we did before Monkey was (naturally) conceived – and I wanted to know what my clinic’s rules and procedures are. Most of what I’ve read online suggests nobody will allow any fertility treatments while you’re breastfeeding. Some even require that the child be weaned for at least 2 months. An occasional doctor will apparently prescribe Clomid, but most won’t.

However, my doctor said that at this stage breastfeeding is unlikely to be having much impact on hormones, and he’s quite happy for me to go ahead with an FET. I asked about the safety of the hormones for Monkey, and he said that they give estrogen, but in lower doses than you’d have naturally during pregnancy – and people breastfeed while pregnant.

Holy shit you guys.

He’s setting me up for a basic assessment cycle first – just bloods and scans, none of that hycosy nonsense. He said this is basically to save us money – an assessment cycle is $250 but the FET is over $1000, so he wants to make sure nothing whacky is going on with my hormones to make sure the FET will have a good chance of success.

We both suspect that the assessment will show my hormones are doing sweet chocolatey nothing, but that’s OK. If they’re going nuts then I might have to wait until after Monkey is weaned, but otherwise we’ll be given the go-ahead for a transfer cycle.

However. We have a holiday to Bali planned for October, and I’d rather not be feeling like first trimester shit when I should be having fun. And Monkey was conceived in November – and I’d prefer my kids didn’t share a birthday. But there is just enough time that if we skipped straight to an FET and it worked, I’d be just over 12 weeks by holiday time. And either cycle will involve dragging Monkey along for alternate day bloods and scans.

So please tell me how to live my life! Should I skip the assessment cycle and just dive in to an FET? The superstitious side of me finds it very portentous that there’s just enough time to get knocked up and out of the first trimester in time for our trip. And my hormones have never done anything of note before, besides completely fail to exist, so I’m almost certain (and so is the doctor) the assessment cycle will show nothing.

What would you do??


One comment on “Internets, what would you do?

  1. Mina
    July 7, 2013

    I would do the assessment cycle. Just because I need to know more. And it might show how to improve chances for the FET. But if I were 80% sure it wold not matter, perhaps I would just take the plunge for the FET all the same. Whatever to get me pregnant. I never did like waiting, what can I say. Good luck!

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