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Embryo glue – what’s the schtick?

Gee I’m funny.

So my fertility doctor has agreed to let us skip the assessment cycle and go straight to an FET. Yay! I think. Also – holy chocolate what am I getting myself into??

I had to make a last minute dash to the clinic for an appointment yesterday afternoon (with Monkey in tow) to get set up, since today is my last day of Provera and hopefully my period won’t be far away.

I told the Doc that Hubs and I are pretty confident that my hormones won’t be doing a damn thing. Doc agrees, but was of course obligated to recommend the assessment cycle first to give our FET the best chance of success.

As it turns out, an FET is actually less hassle than an assessment cycle anyway. There’s a blood test and scan on day 10, transfer day 14(ish), then a mid-luteal blood test after one week and the pregnancy test another week after that. And that’s it! None of this every second day nonsense.

There are also no injections – the hormones are given by tablet or pessary. So I’m thrilled about that too. I have my prescriptions and now Progynova is waiting in my cupboard for day 1.

However, there are also a couple of ‘optional extras’ (at extra cost of course) which Doc said can increase the odds of success. One is an endometrial biopsy – apparently causing minor injuries to the endometrium can improve pregnancy rates by 5-10%. Usually they recommend doing this the cycle before, but it can also be done on day 7. This one involves theatre fees and frankly sounds quite unpleasant. It would also require me to work out what to do with Monkey during that time, so I’m not really interested in this.

The other is embryo glue. Doc said this improves pregnancy rates by around 5-10%. It’s $300 extra but no effort on my part. In his office I thought it sounded pretty good, but after having a bit of a Google, I’m not so sure. I read a lot of people saying that their fertility clinics used to use it but stopped because they didn’t see any benefits.

I’m not one to go on anecdotal evidence, so I checked out PubMed too. I saw a number of studies, with widely varied results. One showed significant improvements in pregnancy rates using the glue. One showed no difference. One showed an increase in pregnancy rates but not in take-home babies (it significantly increased chemical pregnancies). So yeah. Not very convincing I have to say! And yet, it’s only $300. Thankfully we have a couple of weeks before we have to decide on this one!

So I’m having a slight panic over here. Monkey is still waking up a lot at night, often taking over an hour to resettle. And he was SUCH hard work when he was a baby (even though I convinced myself at the time that he wasn’t!). I’m just starting to get some of my life back, and here we are looking at starting all over again! Only worse, because there will be two. Terrifying! And exciting.

At this very moment I could be -1 days pregnant. Woah.

Buckle up people!


8 comments on “Embryo glue – what’s the schtick?

  1. glumbunny
    July 12, 2013

    WOAH! WOAH! Didn’t get a chance to weigh in with my super important opinions on your last post, but look, no need! Things are accelerating at warp speed! No experience with glue, and it seems like one of those crazy tough calls. On the one hand, why not trust in your embryos genetics. On the other hand, why pass on any chance to improve odds! Anyway, I’m buckled!

    • boringyear
      July 12, 2013

      Lol – I had to seriously think about why you would be ‘buckled’ – I’ve already forgotten what I wrote!

      Stupid fertility clinics and their expensive add-ons. They know we can’t resist.

    • boringyear
      July 12, 2013

      PS – there’s still time for me to back out so by all means share your super important opinions! Please 🙂

      • glumbunny
        July 13, 2013

        Me, I’m highly in favor of babies as soon as possible. So I like this plan.

  2. Mina
    July 12, 2013

    I had a very high needs first baby who is now a very special, high needs, opinionated almost preschooler. And a one year old toddler. I have no idea how the last year passed, but I can say that most of the trouble was provided by the first child, not the second. Thinking about sleep still makes me cry, but it will get better in a year or so. And from then on, I hope to sleep more than not. It goes by fast. It seems everything goes by faster these days, so have a good ride on this crazy rollercoaster again. 🙂 I wish you the best of luck!

  3. cookie1986
    July 12, 2013

    For 300$, I’d just get the glue. What do you have to lose? (besides 300$, lol).
    And yeah, you just get it all figured out, and the next one comes, and then you’re cray all over again. But crazy in love, right?

    • boringyear
      July 12, 2013

      So in love! But so crazy… It took about 16 months before I started to feel like I had a handle on daily life with Monkey! Although to be fair, it may have been a little earlier without the cancer.

  4. bionicbrooklynite
    July 14, 2013

    Welcome to the leap of faith club. I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into, over here.

    I haven’t heard about embryo glue and am predisposed against anything the Baby Factory doesn’t do. Your read on the data doesn’t sound that convincing, so I would probably not do it.

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