Here's To A Boring Year

Too much excitement just might kill me!


Don’t you just love all the crazy acronyms that internet communities generate?

So many things have happened this week (birthday! gastro! party!) and I haven’t had time to write about any of them. I promise I’ll try though.

But this morning I had my embryo transfer.

I tried (three times) to call the clinic beforehand to see if any of our embryos had made it to blastocyst, but I couldn’t get anyone to talk to me. So I drove down for my appointment not actually knowing if there was going to be anything to transfer!

It wasn’t until 4 minutes before the scheduled time that I spoke to the embryologist. One 3AA blastocyst, which we transferred, and the other two were still alive – they’ll check them tomorrow and if they’ve made it to blast they’ll refreeze them.

As usual they told me to drink way too much water, even though it was only 2 cups. I had to let some out twice before the procedure. I wish someone would invent a better way!

The actual transfer went pretty smoothly. Except for the bit when they were trying to get the catheter in and the nurse goes “It’s a bit tight, we’re just going to try another instrument to help with that”. Yeah thanks, I could have done without hearing that! But really, it was fine. The doctor was very gentle, I barely felt a thing. The main discomfort was the pressing on my bladder! I guess I am blessed with an insensitive cervix.

So for now I’m 19 (?) days pregnant! Hopefully it sticks.

Official blood test is in 2 weeks, but we all know I’m not waiting that long! Since it wasn’t an IVF cycle this time there was no HCG shot, so peeing on a stick should be reliable.

I can start peeing on Friday right? I better go stock up!



4 comments on “PUPO! FET 5DT 3AA. 2WW – POAS 5DP5DT?

  1. chrysta
    August 5, 2013

    good luck xx

  2. Mina
    August 5, 2013

    Good luck! Let the peestickopallooza begin!

  3. glumbunny
    August 8, 2013

    HOLY $&@)#@_!!!!!!!! Well, here’s hoping this is the start of an incredible new part of the journey, and that you’ll soon be busting your ass to make another quiet book…

    • boringyear
      August 8, 2013

      Well, before that I will have to do a knitted hedgehog and hand-made Christmas stocking!!

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