Here's To A Boring Year

Too much excitement just might kill me!

What a week!

Last week was nuts. And this post may not be entirely coherent, but there are loads of photos to make up for it!

First was Monkey’s birthday, which was totally awesome. He was delighted with his first gift (bubble solution) and wanted to take it outside to blow bubbles immediately – until he saw the rest of the presents! He loved opening them, going ‘Oooo!’ with every new parcel. We gave him a helmet, which he put on immediately after unwrapping, and a bicycle, which he promptly rode (with Hubs pushing) up and down the hallway.



Hubs took the day off work, and we spent the morning at the local science centre. It was fantastic – they have a special area set up for young kids and Monkey loved it.


Blurry. Oops!



He kept asking ‘play more?’. We went down to the cafe for chocolate milkshakes, and then back to play more. We considered skipping his nap, but we have never tried that before and he was looking tired so we eventually decided to head home for a sleep.

In the afternoon I baked a birthday banana cake, and Monkey had a great time licking the beaters, playing with Hubs and getting ferried around on his bike. And for dinner we had MacDonald’s – like every human ever, Monkey loves him some chips!




He is not in pain – this is his fake smile!

Then I set about arranging everything for the party on Saturday.

But of course, the universe decided to play some kind of twisted joke on us. Thursday afternoon I suddenly started feeling really queasy. At first I thought it might have been all the hormones for the FET. But it quickly escalated to the worst gastro of my life. It was not pretty.

And the following morning (the day before the party) Hubs was sick too. Although thankfully it was very short lived, so by then I was mostly feeling better – just as well, since I had to spend the day distracting Monkey from his beloved Daddy who was noisily dying on the couch.

I was petrified that Monkey would get the bug and we’d have to cancel his party for the second year in a row. But by some miracle it bypassed him, and Hubs and I were both sufficiently recovered by party day.

We decorated while Monkey was napping, and he was so excited to see the balloons when he woke up.




Love this little guy.

Monkey was spoilt rotten at his party – as he should be! My parents gave him a play kitchen from IKEA, and his little face absolutely lit up when he saw it. Cutest thing ever. Then my Nana and Grandad arrived with the pots and pans to compliment the kitchen, and Monkey spent a good hour and a half playing with his new kitchen out on the patio as everyone celebrated my special little guy with fairy bread, chocolate crackles, little red sausages and pulled pork.







I made him a Spot birthday cake (I will do a more detailed post on this later). He saw me decorating it that morning (why does that always take so much longer than I expect?) and helped lick the beaters, then walked around happily proclaiming ‘Spot num! Spot cake. Num!’


He’d seen his cousin blow out her candles a couple of weeks before, and knew exactly what to do – he blew them both out in one big puff before we even finished singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Then he proceeded to eat ‘Spot tail’, ‘Spot mouth’ and ‘Spot eye’.



It was a wonderful birthday, and Monkey had a great time. I love you so much, my brave little boy!



3 comments on “What a week!

  1. glumbunny
    August 14, 2013

    Awww! What a great set of photos! Too bad there were none of the gastro! BWA HA HA!

    He’s seriously lovely, and a happy, happy birthday to him and to his gorgeous cake.

    Bunlet is getting a play kitchen for his birthday next week. He’s young for it, but will adore opening and closing the doors until he’s ready for whipping up a tasty meal…

    • boringyear
      August 14, 2013

      Oh boy you would NOT have wanted to see that!

  2. Pomegranate
    August 20, 2013

    love these.

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