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My husband, my hero

For my 21st birthday, Hubs bought me a puppy. We named him Wolfgang (Wolfi for short), and he’s been with us most of our adult lives.


Around the same time, my parents also got a new dog, who they named Henry.

A couple of years later, I succeeded in talking Hubs into getting a second dog, because Wolfi was so sad and lonely with both if us going out to work every day.




The three dogs are all good friends, and on occasion we look after Henry when my parents go travelling – he’s staying with us at the moment. Having them all in the house is interesting – they stir each other up and are generally even more excitable than usual, especially when food is involved. They always scoff dinner in 3 seconds flat, barely bothering to chew.

Last night, while Hubs was in the shower with Monkey, I gave the dogs dinner – the same thing I do every evening.

Only last night, as I was standing guard to stop them from fighting over dinner (and thank chocolate I was still in the room!), Wolfi suddenly wobbled a bit, and then fell over unconscious, without making a sound. He had choked on his food.

I tried to apply the first aid I knew – chest compressions to dislodge things stuck in the throat. It didn’t work – so even though I know they say not to, I stuck my fingers in to pull the food out. I pulled one chunk out of the back of his mouth, and when I tried to pull the next one out of his throat, he bit me reflexively. It punctured my finger on both sides, one of which was through the nail.

And to my utter shame, I freaked out. I was pathetic. I thought it was over. I screamed. (I didn’t even know I could make a noise like that.) I thought my dog was dead – and ran to get Hubs.

Hubs and Monkey had just got out of the shower, and I came in, practically hyperventilating, bleeding, to tell Hubs that Wolfi was dead.

Wrapped only in his towel, Hubs bolted to the laundry. He knelt beside our unconscious, not-breathing dog, shoved two fingers way down his throat and dug all the food out. Then, he gave Wolfi CPR.

And saved his life.

Wolfi was a bit wobbly at first, so we put him in a room on his own for a rest. I called the local vet hospital to see if we needed to take him in, but they said there wasn’t much else to be done for now. He might develop a cough or sore throat in the next week or so, and would need to be seen for that, but otherwise he should be fine.

And within an hour or so, he had perked up and was back to his normal self – even looking for food, as he’d missed dinner!

Hubs was incredible. He was so calm, so confident, so strong, so tender. I am proud to be married to such an amazing man.


2 comments on “My husband, my hero

  1. Gemini Momma
    September 6, 2013

    Oh wowza! I’m so glad Wolfi is okay! So scary.

  2. LindaGHill
    September 13, 2013

    Wow. Ironic that it’s your dog that almost died and yet you’re the one left with the trauma… and that must have been traumatic indeed! Glad he’s okay 🙂

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