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Quiet book page – picking button apples

Finally, another quiet book page post!

I finished this page quite some time before Monkey’s birthday, but I held off posting with a vague intention of adding a patch of hand-embroidered flowers in the grass as a finishing touch. That never happened.

This one was a quick win – it actually took very little time to make.



I found a clip-art image of a tree that I liked, and hand copied it to make my pattern. The grass, tree and basket are machine-stitched, and I finally got to use the automatic button-hole feature on my sewing machine for the first time ever. (That thing is awesome!) To make the apples, I folded my red felt in half and sewed 5 button holes far enough away from each other to fit the apple shape I’d drawn.


I pinned on my pattern with the button hole at the centre, and cut the shapes out. Much easier than trying to button-hole tiny apple pieces! Then I hand sewed around the edges of the apples, at the same time sewing in a small scrap of brown felt for a stalk. (If you look closely at the pictures above, you’ll see that Monkey has already relieved one apple of its stalk).


I used a stretchy ribbed fabric (t-shirt collar) to make the basket. It gave me something of the basket-like texture I was after, as well as a stretch to allow little hands easy access!


Quick, simple, delicious!


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