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Halloween Uterus

Most of the people I know in Australia couldn’t care less about Halloween. It seems to vary by suburb, but most of us just ignore it. We didn’t have any doorknockers tonight – and I thought we would, given we’re in a young family type of neighborhood.

However, today is what our family has christened ‘Hooray Day’ – the anniversary of the day we found out Monkey was in remission (one year today!!). We’re not really celebrating tonight, because we’re waiting until after the results of his last scan. But my Mum messaged me today to wish me a happy Hooray Day, and it was touching that she remembered.

All of which has nothing to do with my uterus.

But today was also my follow-up appointment at the fertility clinic, where they told me they’d like to grow my uterus, and then carve it. Like a pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

Apparently my uterus is on the small side (which can be a result of breastfeeding) – 11cm, when they like to see 15 or over. So they want me to take Progynova for 6 weeks and then have another scan (and another expensive follow-up appointment!).

No problems, I can take tablets like a pro. That only puts me up to 10 tablets a day.

He also said that my uterus is T-shaped, which can impact implantation, and can be fixed by an operation in which they carve  bits off. Yes, he used the word carve. And then asked me what I thought.

First impressions? How about hell no?! Ugh.

We already have Monkey, and although I would really love for him to have a sibling, I don’t think I’m willing to go that far to get it. Does that make me a bad Mum? I’m not desperate for another child – I’m very happy with things the way they are.

But I wonder why this is the first I’m hearing about these so-called issues. I’d had the scan that ‘diagnosed’ them prior to the start of my first FET – why wasn’t I told about these things then, if they’re likely to have an impact on the outcome? It feels a bit like a money-grab by the clinic. Either that, or they’re clutching at straws.

In any case, it’s lucky I had my appointment now instead of leaving it to the last minute like I usually would, as the 6 week uterus expansion project should put us at just about the right time for starting another cycle in January as we wanted.

Stay tuned.


3 comments on “Halloween Uterus

  1. bionicbrooklynite
    October 31, 2013

    T-shaped? Like, you have a septum? That is supposedly not a big-deal surgery. (I thought I would need it, but it turns out I have an abnormally normal uterus, considering the rest of my equipment.) But I’m surprised it wasn’t an issue with Monkey’s TTC. I’m assuming not t-shaped like DES-daughter t-shaped, because I am EXTREMELY skeptical that you would have had a successful pregnancy without intervention in that case.

    The whole thing sounds shady. Like, please make sure those are really my records -type shady. I would at the least seek a second opinion if possible.

    (And yes, I think it is completely reasonable to decide you’re not doing extra intervention. Even if you didn’t already have Monkey.)

    Meanwhile, happy hooray day, indeed!

    • boringyear
      October 31, 2013

      He didn’t say septum, or DES, he just said T-shaped. And he made no mention of it causing issues with anything besides implantation.

      And since I carried Monkey full term with no issues, I’m pretty skeptical too.

  2. mummyflyingsolo
    November 24, 2013

    No way , it doesn not makr you a bad mum to not want to go to those lengths for another bub. Seems weird it needs to be fixed when you’ve already successfully had one baby out of that very same uterus!

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