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Approaching Quiet Time

Yesterday Monkey took a massive assisted nap, from around 11am until 2pm. I thought he needed it, because he’s fighting a cough at the moment – but then he didn’t go to sleep until almost 9pm, when he usually goes to sleep before 8. So time for myself was pretty much nonexistent yesterday, and I so felt the loss.

Today he woke after half an hour, and only went back to sleep with me there. Yes, at the moment he is still napping, and even goes to sleep easily for them, but I can see the end of nap time approaching, and I dread it.

As things stand, the idea of quiet time without a nap in this household is frankly laughable. Monkey doesn’t like to be alone, and although he will watch Play School while sitting on my lap, that’s not exactly what I’m after! And in any case I’d prefer his quiet time not to involve TV, if we can swing it!

So I’m starting to think about teaching him the concept of quiet time well in advance of when we need it, in the hopes that he’ll be comfortable with it by the time he decides to quit napping, and I’ll be able to retain what’s left of my sanity.

I need to find a stack of ideas for quiet activities, and suggestions for how to teach Monkey the skill of independent play. They need to be things he can do entirely on his own, without hurting himself or destroying his bedroom. I know we’ll need to start in small doses – probably 5 minutes in the beginning.

Do you have quiet time in your house? How do you implement it, and what are your favourite activities? Please point me to any and all resources.



3 comments on “Approaching Quiet Time

  1. pajamamommas
    November 10, 2013

    The transition from nap to quiet time was really hard at our house. We tried to set the rule that he could read or play with toys, but he had to stay on his bed. But for our active kiddo, it just didn’t seem to work. We would come into his room after “rest time” to find he had removed all of his books from his bookshelf and created a giant pile of them on the floor! Or had gotten into Vaseline and coated himself and his bed with Vaseline. Or other similar things that made rest time more stressful on his parents rather than giving us a much-needed break.
    Our current solution is that we borrow “playaways”–little hand-held video players–from our library with kid-friendly shows like Mr Rogers and Sesame Street on them. So he has “rest time” in his room with one of these for about an hour. We figure that three hours of TV a week (he’s usually home for naptime only Fri/Sat/Sun) isn’t the end of the world if it helps keep his parents sane!
    But your kid may be more mellow than ours, in which case the quiet activities idea might work. Things I can think of are “reading” books, coloring, lacing cards, blocks, Duplos.
    Good luck with the transition!

    • boringyear
      November 10, 2013

      That is EXACTLY what I fear quiet time will be like with Monkey. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if busy bags, reading etc don’t do the trick, I will be resorting to TV!

  2. mummyflyingsolo
    November 24, 2013

    Sad to say it but so far any quiet time is tv time. I’m not big on tv either but I also have an energetic monkey that likes company for everything..

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