Here's To A Boring Year

Too much excitement just might kill me!

Disjointed Intensity

Life is kind of crazy at the moment.

I’m in the agonizingly slow process of starting an organization to support families with chronically ill children.

Monkey has his next MRI in three weeks.

Next week I’m seeing our fertility clinic to get set up for our third (and final) FET. I’m unsure how I will feel if it works. Or if it doesn’t.

We just spent four and a half thousand dollars buying laminate to replace most of the floor in our house. And Hubs is doing the replacing.

Last week, Hubs was diagnosed with anxiety. And this week he was laid off.

Plus, Monkey has suddenly stopped napping. At all. He hasn’t napped in about 2 weeks now.

Please send more hours for my days. Also some clarity of thought wouldn’t go astray.


One comment on “Disjointed Intensity

  1. pajamamommas
    May 21, 2014

    In commenting on your new post I realized that I hadn’t ever commented on this one. I totally thought I had, but clearly my brain can’t be trusted these days.
    Anyway, that sounds like a ton of really stressful stuff all at once. Being laid off sucks! And no longer having a napping kid sucks! And having a spouse with anxiety can be really tough! I hope things have settled down a bit.

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